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Blu Bar 1000 Disposable x 10

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Blu bar 1000 x 10 Pack

Get up to a massive 1000 puffs with the new blu bar 1000 that features the brand new blu Flavour Tech, a unique technology powered by a third-generation mesh heater that delivers our most intense flavour yet from the first to the last puff. 

Key features 
Blu bar 1000 

Go bigger. Go better. The blu bar 1000 gives you up to 1000 puffs of our most intense flavours yet. This is because, it comes with blu Flavour Tech technology that allows for the same great taste from beginning to end. It also features a removable battery and translucent mouthpiece for easy liquid-level detection. Got it all! 


  • Up to 1000 puffs
  • High-intensity flavours
  • Removable battery
  • More efficient liquid usage
  • Security lock
  • Translucent mouthpiece for easy-to-see liquid levels



Blu bar flavours 


Sweet and strong banana taste 


Cool Mint 

Totally intense minty taste  


Grape Ice 

Powerful grape flavour 


Tropical Mix 

Powerful peach and mango taste 


Watermelon Ice 

Strong and cool watermelon flavour 


Blueberry Ice 

Intense blueberry flavour 


Strawberry Ice 

Powerful strawberry flavour 


Blueberry Cherry 

Strong blueberry and cherry taste 


FAQ: How does the new blu bar 1000 offer 400 extra puffs with the same liquid as the old blu bar? 

There are two reasons the new blu bar 1000 gives more puffs than our previous generation. Firstly, the new blu bar 1000 is fitted with an increased battery size of 520mAh, meaning that the battery is likely to outlast the liquid capacity, rather than run out before you’ve finished the liquid. Secondly, we’ve upgraded the heating tech to use a new more efficient mesh heater, ensuring your get maximum puffs for your liquid every time.

How it works 

The all-new blu bar 1000 now gives you up to 1000 puffs packed with our most intense taste ever.  

How did that happen?  

Well, we upgraded the battery and there’s a new heating mesh that uses liquid far more efficiently.  

We also made the liquid-level easier to see, so no more panics about replacements. Plus, there are handy extras like a safety lock and a removable battery for easy recycling.

Key benefits 

Grab the all-new blu bar 1000 and get up to 1000 puffs of our most intensely flavoured liquids ever. The new blu is more convenient too, with a removable battery (handy for recycling) and easy-to-view liquid levels. There’s a child lock too – just to keep small hands safe.