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Vape and Fly: Essential Travel Rules for Vapers in 2024

Vape and Fly: Essential Travel Rules for Vapers in 2024

By Timothy Bates

Planned a trip abroad but unsure about the travel rules for vaping? Each country has its own regulations concerning vaping. Travelling as a vaper requires preparation, from stocking up on supplies to understanding restrictions on vaping. While some countries require a prescription to use vape devices containing nicotine, others have outright banned vaping. Even within Europe, where vaping regulations generally align with the UK, it's important to stay informed about local rules and customs. With that in mind, here is a list of essential travel rules for vapers in 2024. 

Vaping Rules in Airports

Pack Your E-Cigarette in Carry-On Luggage

Keep your e-cigarette in your carry-on bag, because, like a laptop or power bank, it’s classed as a Portable Electronic Device (PED). We also recommend that you separate your pods or tanks from your vape device – that way it’s easier for security to inspect your luggage. 

Limit E-Liquids to 100ml

Like other liquids, e-liquids are subject to the 100ml rule, so make sure none of your vape liquids in your hand luggage exceed this amount. Seal them inside a transparent plastic bag with the rest of your liquids. Don’t forget to empty your tank as well – this is for your own sake as air pressure on a flight can sometimes cause leakages! Any extra vape liquid can be packed in your check-in luggage. 

Don’t Vape on Your Flight

Vaping on a flight is strictly prohibited. You won’t be able to get away with vaping in the toilet as detectors will pick up e-cigarette vapour and you could risk facing severe penalties. Instead, switch off your vape before travelling and pack it safely out of sight. 

Check Airline Policies

Airline restrictions on vaping are mostly similar, but some individual rules may exist, which you can find on the airline's website. For general guidance, remember that no airline permits vaping onboard.

Vape Within Designated Smoking Areas 

Signposts at the airport will direct you to designated smoking areas where vaping is permitted. But remember, in UK airports, these are located before security check-in. After leaving the airport, feel free to get your nicotine fix, but always check local rules to see if vaping is restricted in public areas. 

Vaping in Foreign Countries 

Countries Where Vaping is Illegal

Firstly, check if vaping is permitted at your travel destination. Vaping is banned in as many as 34 countries around the world. In India, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand you can face possible imprisonment for vaping, so be diligent when checking the vape rules of the countries you travel to. Many countries including Australia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa only allow zero nicotine vapes, and non-tobacco flavoured vapes are also banned in Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Netherlands, Poland, and Russia. 

Stock Up on Vaping Products Before You Travel 

Unlike in the UK, where you can find vape shops on just about every street corner, other countries may have limited access to vape products. The products themselves may also vary, for example, differences in bottle sizes and nicotine strength might catch you by surprise. 

Once you arrive at your chosen destination you might just find that vape products are not available at all! In some countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and Antigua and Barbuda it is even illegal to sell e-cigarettes. And in Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, and Sri Lanka, you can only buy e-cigarettes without nicotine. 

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