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Budget-Friendly Vaping: Making the Switch from Disposables to Pod Systems and E-Liquids

Budget-Friendly Vaping: Making the Switch from Disposables to Pod Systems and E-Liquids

By Timothy Bates

As you may have noticed, disposable vapes have gained tremendous popularity in the UK. 2021 saw a spike in the use of disposable vapes, as they became a big hit among young people. Prized for their convenience and seemingly cost-effective options, almost every vaper, it seems, has wanted a puff. 

Yet, despite their initial appeal, disposable vapes often fall short of the quality provided by more sustainable alternatives. Transitioning to pod systems and refillable e-liquid devices doesn’t have to be a sacrifice in quality – quite the opposite, in fact! In this article, we’ll explore the many advantages of switching to pods and vape liquids, from brands like Blu, Vuse, and Liberty Flights, all available at Vape2Stop.


Calculating the Costs of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are known for their ready-to-use design, requiring no filling or charging before use. Initially, they seem like a budget-friendly option for casual vapers. However, the costs accumulate quickly due to their single-use nature.

Think about it. Every time you buy a disposable vape, you’re spending £5 on just 2ml of e-liquid. That’s £25 per 10ml! Compare that to a 10ml bottle of vape liquid you can buy online or from a high-street vape shop for £3 to £4. 

Of course, you have to buy the initial device, but you save a lot in the long run. After the initial purchase, the ongoing cost involves only buying new pods or e-liquid, and the occasional new coil or clearomiser, which is considerably cheaper than the equivalent number of disposables.


What are the Alternatives? 

Pod Systems

For cost-effective vaping, pod systems are an excellent choice. Not only will they save you money but they aren’t as inconvenient as you might think. Vape pod kits come with a rechargeable built-in battery, with many of the latest designs from Blu and Liberty Flights offering quick recharging and long battery life. 

Switching to a pod system involves an initial investment in a rechargeable device, which can be used repeatedly with replaceable pods. Vape pods can be bought online or from your local vape shop in bulk at discounted prices. With this setup, you’ll also experience improved performance and flavour customisation from popular devices like the Blu vape 2.0 and the Vuse ePod Pro. 

Vape Pens

Although vape liquid devices, also known as vape pens, will cost you money in accessories, these components only need occasional replacement.  What’s more, they offer even more options for customisation in terms of flavour, vapour production, nicotine strength and throat hit. When you purchase the Blu Pro E-Cigarette, it comes with the full starter kit, including a clearomiser and USB charger. Similar to pod systems, a wide variety of vape liquids are available from online vape shops like Vape2Stop.

Cost-Effective Brands

  • Vuse ePod: Known for its sleek design and ease of use, the Vuse ePod is a fantastic entry point for those looking to switch from disposables. Enjoy fast charging technology and the ability to vape while the device charges. 
  • Cirro: The Cirro vape liquid collection offers a diverse range of flavours at affordable prices, including Utterly Menthol, Regular Tobacco, Cherry Bomb, Blueberry, and Strawberry Sensation. By switching to a device that utilises refillable tanks, you can take advantage of buying e-liquids in larger quantities, which reduces the cost per millilitre.
  • Liberty Flights: The Dot Pro Starter Kit by Liberty Flights contains everything you need to start vaping right away, including a rechargeable device, USB charger, and a Nic-Salt E-liquid Dot Pro Pod in a flavour of your choice. Its new advanced coil system with a mesh honeycomb ceramic core delivers a consistent and smooth vaping experience. 
  • Edge: The EDGE Pro Kit is your all-in-one introduction to cost-effective vaping. Each kit comes with a rechargeable battery, a tank, and a 1.2 ohm coil. The EDGE Pro provides lasting performance suitable for continuous use, and is compatible with the Edge range of delicious e-liquids. Browse through the range of 13 classic flavours, including Very Menthol, Apple, and British Tobacco. 
  • Moja: The MOJA Pod Starter Kit welcomes all newcomers to pod vaping with its lightweight device, rechargeable system, and range of exotic, fruity flavours. It’s available to buy pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine and a 500mAh re-chargeable battery. Try out the full selection of MOJA pod refills at a discounted price with our big bundle deals today!

Check out Vape2Stop’s range of cost-effective vaping products like the Vuse ePod, Cirro, and Liberty Flights, and start enjoying the savings today! Whether you're a casual or a heavy vaper, the transition to a more sustainable and budget-friendly vaping method will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.