Vype ePod Starter Kits

Vype ePod Starter Kits

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Meet the Vype ePod. Our ePod starter kit includes an e-cigarette ePod device, an ePod flavour cartridge, a USB charger and a user guide, so you can vape straight away.

This new mini vape pen is easy to use and comes with in-built smart draw technology. It's puff-activated. Air flow automatically triggers the power unit to start heating the e-liquid. The result is a quiet, smooth and satisfying taste experience. Zero buttons, no mess and no fuss.

Expect approximately 275 puffs per vape cartridge*. The battery should last all day with ordinary usage**.

The Vype ePod is pocket-sized and fits neatly in your palm.

There are 5 flavours available. Each uses nicotine salt Vype vPro cartridges and ceramic wick technology to deliver bold flavour satisfaction and a consistent vape.

*Based on Vype laboratory testing.

**Based on Vype laboratory testing. Battery life may vary depending on individual daily vaping usage.