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Edge Bar Salts E-Liquid x 10 Bottles

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EDGE Bar Salt E-liquid

The EDGE Bar Salt e-liquid collection is designed to be your perfect alternative to disposable vape bars like SKE Crystal, Elf Bar, Geek bar, or Elux. They deliver a bold flavour hit thanks to double concentrated flavourings and deeply satisfying nicotine doses without a harsh throat hit thanks to our smooth nic salt formula.

Our range replicates the most popular modern vape flavour profiles, and with over 30 to choose from you are sure to find a favourite. Our bar salts are cheaper than the competition, but don’t skimp on quality – all our e-liquids are blended with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

These best-selling nic salt e-liquid blends come in 3 tapered nicotine strengths: 10mg (1%), 15mg (1.5%), and 20mg (2%), giving you more freedom to move up or down to meet your needs and beat those cravings.