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myBlu Liquid Pods x 20 Packs (40 Pods)

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20 X Twin Pack each containing 2 x 1.5ml Liquid Pods

Our flavour range

Our flavour collection now includes the brand new Intense range. Explore this, our nicotine-free pods and everything in between. Our flavour packs include two liquidpods of 1.5ml.

What is intense?

Our intense pods are made using nicotine salts which gives you a more satisfying vape, closer to the traditional smoking experience. It also provides more nicotine than our standard flavour range.

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts are derived from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants. They are formulated to give you better nicotine delivery for faster satisfaction. They also provide a surprisingly smooth taste compared to traditional e-liquids even with higher amounts of nicotine.

Get started

Are you ready for a vape that provides better satisfaction?

The Intense range is the perfect way start to your switching journey or if you’re looking for a more intense experience. It also comes in a range of flavours so you can vape your way.

Our nicotine strengths explained

The amount of nicotine in an e-liquid is indicated in percentages, millilitres, or milligrams, based on the quantity per 100ml. This means a liquid with 1.6ml nicotine strength includes 1.6% nicotine in total, with other ingredients making up the remaining 98.4%.

Different strengths to match your taste

Finding flavours and nicotine strengths that perfectly capture your mood and taste is one of the many benefits of vaping. Ranging from 0% to 1.6%, our flavours are sure to satisfy both seasoned vapers as well as newcomers looking for a familiar experience.