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Blu Bar Disposables X 10 (£3.90 each)

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The market for disposable vapes has been innovated by the blu bar. In comparison to other widely used disposable vapes in the UK, the blu bar is approximately 10% smaller and lighter. 

Its small handheld device contains 20 mg of nicotine salt and 1.9mg of e-liquid which is around 600 puffs. 

The disposable vape from blu bar is ideal for all users, but it's especially helpful if you're attempting to give up smoking. It can easily fit in any pocket and allows for a rapid draw to acquire your nicotine fix. 

Six flavours have been chosen after extensive research into the most popular flavours in the UK and are now available here.

Each flavour has undergone extensive testing to provide the best possible flavour, aroma, and vapour production. Every draw delivers the finest experience possible thanks to an explosion of fruity flavours.

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.




*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on individuals usage behaviour


A disposable vape for on-the-go moments that lasts up to 500 puffs*.
No charging, no cables, no refills. Available in a choice of six flavours.

*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactu